Coca-Cola's 'Unlock the Secret Formula' | ADS / INTERACTIVE

Just saw this Coca-Cola 'Unlock the Secret Formula' commercial on TV last night. A delightful homage to the brand's many decades of solid advertising.

The YouTube version comes with some secrets of it's own. Click on the keyhole when it pops up to unveil secret files of Coca-Cola inventor John Pemberton, along with a few other goodies. Nothing too extreme or riveting, but definitely showing off some classy interactive spirit!



Last Stretch: Nintendo 3DS to hit US shelves March 27 | TECH & GAMING

Last week, Nintendo announced the March 27th release date for the long-awaited Nintendo 3DS, for $250. Our panelists have been aching to get their hands on the new mobile gaming device since it was originally announced, back in March 2010. We're sure it's going to be a solid hit for Nintendo, and a major move in the glasses-free 3D entertainment landscape.

In addition to glasses-free 3D, the 3DS comes jam-packed with some pretty kickin features, such as a motion/gyro sensor, a 3D camera, and StreetPass™ technology, allowing users to 'exchange game data like Mii™ characters, high scores, and custom characters with other users you pass on the street' (even in sleep mode). The device also comes with an Augmented Reality card and a couple games to bring your real life surroundings to the virtual 3D world.

Nintendo 3DS Official Site

Nintendo to release 3D portable gaming device, 3DS | TECH / GAMING / ENTERTAINMENT



Must See: 'Babyland' at Sundance | FILM / EVENTS

Massive congratulations and best of luck to Zandland friend, director Marc Fratello on his truly spectacular short film, 'Babyland' (with producer Zandland-alum Anna D'Agrosa). Check it out at Sundance this weekend! For screening times, go to sundance.slated.com. Sure to be a massive crowd-pleaser!

'Babyland' made big waves at last year's Columbia Film Festival at IFC theatre here in NYC, collecting some big awards including the Focus Features Best Film and Student Choice Best Film. A must see for anyone planning on checking out the festival this year.

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Dark, funny, subtle and bold, 'Babyland' is an original and rewarding filmic experience. Check it out!



Photoshop Rap! | TECH / HUMOR VIDEO

HYSTERICAL rap video from College Humor featuring tips and tricks for Photoshop. A big laugh for all, an even bigger laugh for all you Photoshop-heads. I've personally tried to explain some of these very same tricks to others, but think it would've been way more effective had I just had this video on hand...Good work, College Humor!

Thanks for the tip AD!

College Humor via FreeWilliamsburg