'Alive' by Goldfrapp: '80s Vampire Workout! | MUSIC VIDEO / TRENDS

And sticking to the Health & Fitness category, Goldfrapp's latest music video, "Alive" is right on track (although there weren't any mentions of '80s vampire workouts in our latest consumer poll). Big points to Goldfrapp on somehow managing to merge health/fitness trends with nu-retro AND vampires!

Now that's what I call a killer workout!


Health & Fitness Trends | CONSUMER POLL

This week, The Zandl Group conducted a consumer poll on Health & Fitness trends. We asked our nationwide panel of thought leaders, ages 20-40, about Health & Fitness, covering their thoughts and concerns, as well as which brands are well aligned with trends in the health category. Read or download the full report below. Some pretty interesting findings!

ROA at Factory Fresh | ART

Be sure to check out the last week of Factory Fresh gallery's latest show, a solo exhibit by Belgium-born ROA. "The artist’s organic animal forms, huge in both their reputation and impact, grace the walls of the gallery, reminding spectators of the forgotten natural world beneath the city’s streets."

Factory Fresh
1053 Flushing Avenue
Open Weds-Sun 1-7pm.

Interview with ROA on BrooklynStreetArt.com.
Up next: Factory Fresh debuts new work by Skewville - opening June 5&6!


Major Lazer & La Roux Present: Lazerproof! | FREE MUSIC

Two Zandland faves, Major Lazer and La Roux, released a collaborative digital mixtape called 'Lazerproof' into the world-wide-webosphere this morning. We're still [anxiously] waiting for our download link from Mad Decent (apparently they're backed up with demand), but totally looking forward to kicking back to what's sure to be some pretty awesome ear candy! We give it our preliminary stamp of approval...
Lazerproof Tracklist:
Major Lazer's brain-trust (Diplo & Switch), partner with La Roux for the Lazerproof mixtape

1. Bulletproof (Nacey Remix ft. Matt Hemerlein)
Major Lazer & La Roux
2. Colourless Artibella
Major Lazer & La Roux
3. I'm Not Your Lemonade + Heroes n Villans Remix
Major Lazer & La Roux ft. Gucci Mane
4. Independent Kill
Major Lazer & La Roux ft. Candi Redd
5. Keep It Fascinating
Major Lazer & La Roux
6. Magic (Falling Soldiers Dub)
Major Lazer & La Roux
7. In 4 The Kill Pon De Skream
Major Lazer & La Roux
8. Houstatlantavegas Pains
Major Lazer & La Roux ft. Drake
9. Tigerlily (DYWHAP Blend)
Major Lazer & La Roux ft. Rusko
10. Can't Stop Now (Armor Love Remix)
Major Lazer & La Roux
11. Quicksand (Mad Decent 2010 Rerub)
Major Lazer & La Roux ft. Amanda Blank
12. Cover My Eyes (Costra Nostra Edit)
Major Lazer & La Roux
13. I Said It (Major Lazer Dubplate)
Major Lazer & La Roux ft. Opal
14. Hold Yuh (Double Dubplate)
Major Lazer & La Roux ft. Gyptian

Enter your name, email and zip for a link to the mix here: Mad Decent: Lazerproof
via Pitchfork

NEW MUSIC - Major Lazer LP Out Today
VIDEO - Major Lazer "Pon De Floor"
La Roux - I'm Not Your Toy | MUSIC VIDEO


BroBos Pit Brooklyn Against Manhattan | BROOKLYN / CULTURE

photo: Daniel Brunet

The NY Observer has caused quite a stir with their recent piece on Brooklyn, "BroBos in Paradise."  A BroBo, for those of you who are unfamiliar with this new buzz term, is a "Brooklyn Bourgeois Bohemian." The article pits BROOKLYN vs. MANHATTAN.

The author portrays Brooklynites as guilt-ridden pansies who can't take the hustle of Manhattan. Instead they retreat to a self-conscious fantasy-land full of raw foods, owl-design-themes, iPhone sushi orders, parks and gardening. PANSIES!

Conversely, the Manhattanites quoted come off as defensive and sad. As Lizzie Widdicombe, an editorial assistant for The New Yorker points out:
"This crazy pseudo-bohemian circus life sounds pretty fun, but I don't really have time to be part of it right now. It takes a certain amount of energy to do all these fabulous Brooklyn things. ... I'd rather just sort of go to the Gap and come home. I'm not really engaged by, like, playing Frisbee and riding bikes."

Another young woman thinks Brooklyn is for losers who can't make it in the REAL CITY:
"People live in Brooklyn because it's cheaper. It's not a money thing or a class thing, but it's sort of admitting defeat—an inability to be in New York," she said. "Living in Manhattan presents an interesting challenge: to always be confronted by people who have really won."
 Yikes!!  Claws out.

All this talk of Brooklyn made me think of my own 'hood, Bushwick.  It's pretty clear from the "Are you a BroBo?" checklist that Leon Neyfakh was focused on a south Brooklyn archetype.  While I was both offended and amused by his article, I also couldn't help but come up with my own little list: Are You Bushwick?
  • Are you either an artist or in a band?
  • Do you have an opinion about which secret taco joint is best?
  • Does your roommate play bike polo?
  • Is 75% of your outfit today vintage and/or from the trash?
  • If you are a man, do you have a mustache?
  • Do you farm and/or keep bees on your roof?
  • Is your daily potassium fix from Vita Coco vs. Gatorade
  • Can you direct me to a place to get roasted whole goat on Sunday mornings?
  • Do you brew your own kombucha?
Don't be mad Bushwick - you know I love you!


Stevie Nicks on Taylor Swift | MUSIC

(image via Do Something)

Taylor Swift continues to be a big hit with our younger panelists. The 20-year-old is pretty much on top of the world, after winning four Grammys, heading up the top 40 charts multiple times and landing three nominations for the upcoming CMT Music Awards. Last month, Stevie Nicks (a personal fave!) wrote up a short, heartfelt editorial piece on the young starlet. The two did a surprise duet at the Grammy Awards this year (a performance which generated much criticism on Taylor's voice).

Nonetheless, just ran across Nicks' piece, and it kind of warmed my heart just a bit…A highlight:
"Taylor reminds me of myself in her determination and her childlike nature. It's an innocence that's so special and so rare. This girl writes the songs that make the whole world sing, like Neil Diamond or Elton John. She sings, she writes, she performs, she plays great guitar. Taylor can do ballads that could be considered pop or rock and then switch back into country. When I turned 20 years old, I had just made the serious decision to never be a dental assistant. Taylor just turned 20, and she's won four Grammys."
Read more at Time.com.

Parked: Food Truck Festival | EVENTS/PLACES

We are super excited for MeanRed's 2nd Annual Parked: Gowanus Food Truck Festival this Monday!

The city’s best food trucks and carts will converge at our waterfront venue to serve the hungry masses: Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream, CravingsNYC, Dessert Truck, Rickshaw Dumpling, Halo Berlin, PizzaMoto, Green Pirate Food Truck, Steve's Key Lime Pie, Robicelli's Cupcakes, & Greenpoint Food Market Vendors!

Beer, sangria, cocktails, and non-alcoholic beverages will be on-hand to wash it all down.

See you there!

BKLYN Yard // 400 Carroll St
Monday, May 31st
Noon - 7pm


New American Family on MSN Glo | PRESS / CULTURE & TRENDS

Another Zandl Group mention on MSN's new woman's lifestyle website, Glo...This time on Zandl Group consumer research study on 'The New American Family'. Check it out!
It's Complicated: Meet The New American Family
According to a recent report by trend forecaster Irma Zandl and her team at The Zandl Group, the make-up of the American family has changed drastically — and shifts in women's roles, in particular, have played a large part in its evolution. The report notes that "women are increasingly educated and upwardly mobile, with rising income levels ... their reliance on a husband's earnings is waning, contributing to the decline in marriage." However, this doesn't mean we are less family-oriented as a culture. Rather, families are becoming increasingly flexible in structure. As more couples choose to cohabitate instead of marry and more women in their 30s and 40s have kids on their own, the so-called nuclear family is an icon of the past. Here's a look at what constitutes a typical family today ... —Glo

[via Glo]
The Changing American Family | ON MY MIND

Pixel - A pixel art documentary | TECH / DOCUMENTARY

For all you art-loving tech heads (& tech head artists), this 11 minute documentary on the 'pixel' by Simon Cottee is pretty interesting. The piece covers the evolution of the pixel, and shifting perceptions of 8-bit imagery in an HD world…

Simon Cottee Animation via Mashable


Sundays Are For Lovers, Art Book | ART & DESIGN / READ

(above images from 'Sundays are for Lovers' via Lines & Shapes)

Zandland friend, photographer Brian Ferry (of The Blue Hour) is one of several talented artists included in the upcoming art book, Sundays are for Lovers, a collection of beautiful images curated by Maria Alexandra Vettese, from independent art and design collective, Lines & Shapes.
"sundays are for lovers is an exploration in four parts: eat, rest, laugh, love. there is a particular tenor to a sunday... there's laziness, cooking breakfast, comfy-clothes, time spent in bed, wandering the neighborhood, sitting in a café, house-work, yard-work, making out, art projects, meeting friends at the pub, a last chance to get shit done before the work-week begins and then of course the end of something ... the beginning of something."

featuring: albam + brian ferry, julie cloutier, lena corwin, jackson, johnston & roe. + bill phelps, sandra juto, jonathan levitt, cheri messerli, serena mitnik-miller, caitlin mocuin, christopher david ryan, yumiko sekine, fog linen + marisa shimamoto, ryan todd, molly wizenberg, deb wood

8 x 10 in (20.3 x 25.4 cm)
80 pages, perfect bound,
offset, full color
1000 copy single edition
release date: 6/15/10
list price: $30 + shipping

[via linesandshapesconnectus.com]
…and what a perfectly lovely subject matter (totally making me want another cup of coffee)…

5 Questions With...Brian Ferry | INTERVIEW



Robyn "Dancing On My Own" | NEW MUSIC VIDEO

For those of you out there ready for some Monday-afternoon-chair-dancing, here's Robyn's new video. Be careful not to punch your monitor/ co-workers when you test drive some of those moves.

PS - here's an added bonus... the Robyn song that made me fall in love with her a few years ago:

yer welcome ;)


Summer Travel Trends: Consumer Poll 2010 | ON MY MIND...

We asked our nationwide online panel of Thought Leaders (ages 20-40) about their summer travel plans, to gauge how the economy has impacted trends in travel this season. Read and download the full report below and watch Irma Zandl's video commentary (above).

True Blood Season 3: Promotional Powerhouse | ADS / TV / ENTERTAINMENT

(VILF: True Blood Season 3 Collectible Poster - available at HBO.com)
Now that Lost is over, viewers are getting all sorts of riled up for the June 13th third season premiere of True Blood. And HBO isn't playing around, with a handful of fun non-traditional promotions…

They've partnered up with movie theaters in 50 US cities for a June 1st live simulcast a Q&A with TB creator Alan Ball and cast members alongside a screening of the season 2 finale. Pretty awesome…but it would be even awesomer if they actually premiered the first episode from the new season. Register for a chance to win two passes to the 'True Blood Ultimate Fan Experience' via Facebook.

(Cup of Joe: True Blood Season 3 Collectible Poster - available at HBO.com)

Over the last several months, HBO has released some pretty kickin' collectible posters for the new season (above). We've been ogling over them over here at Zandl Group - witty, well designed and just plain awesome. View the whole poster series, and download (or purchase) at hbo.com.

Meanwhile, the True Blood Vol. 2 soundtrack comes out next week on CD and iTunes, but Entertainment Weekly is streaming it (exclusively, in its entirety) now at ew.com! Some great tracks, check it out:

1. “Howlin’ For My Baby” – M. Ward
2. “Evil (Is Going On)” – Jace Everett & CC Adcock
3. “Bad Blood” – Beck
4. “How To Become Clairvoyant” – Robbie Robertson
5. “Shake And Fingerpop” – Jr. Walker and The All Stars
6. “Frenzy” – Screamin’ Jay Hawkins
7. “Kiss Like Your Kiss” – Lucinda Williams with Elvis Costello
8. “Gasoline And Matches” – Buddy & Julie Miller
9. “You Did (Bomp Shooby Dooby Bomp)” – Chuck Prophet
10. “You’re Gonna Miss Me” – The 13th Floor Elevators
11. “Fresh Blood” – Eels
12. “The Forgotten People (Bon Temps Remix)” – Thievery Corporation
13. “New World In My View” – King Britt & Sister Gertrude Morgan
14. “Beyond Here Lies Nothin’” – Bob Dylan

'True Blood Vol. 2' @ EW.com

And to kick it all off, the True Blood YouTube Channel has been rocking out some fun teaser minisodes for fans.

Check out the exclusive Season 3 trailer at HBO.com


Fluevog Munsters Reissued, Bringing Groove to My Heart | FASHION / POP CULTURE

How do you say delicious?
How do you say delovely?
How do you say delectable?
How do you say devine?
How do you say degroovy?
Dewith it?
How do you say Deee-Lite?

One of my favorite fashion bloggers, White Lightening, has brought it to my attention that the Fluevog Munster shoe is being reissued.  Lady Kier made these famous on the cover of 90's club kid classic World Clique.  Strap these babies on and crank this up:


I LOVE THE 90'S!!!


Summer Camp for Artists! | EVENTS/PLACES

Go to camp this summer!

Our friends at Norte Maar have partnered with Austin Thomas to bring you Camp Pocket Utopia: "a social school / summer arts camp inspired by Black Mountain College."

The summer arts camp will feature a free day program for children offered to the immediate community of Rouses Point and beyond. Camp Pocket Utopia will also have a graduated program offering workspace for several renowned artists and an experienced dance choreographer who will liaison with the children's program to further instruction and enhance experience.

At the center of this unique project will be invited artists with distinguished reputations in their field. These invited artists will be in residence in Rouses Point for the duration of the art camp. They will not only be making art during their stay but will also be instructors. The selection of artists include painters and sculptors, musicians and choreographers, scientist, historians and others both local and foreign.

Registration available now! I'll see you there!

Robert Pattinson Font...Love Letters Will Never Be the Same | ENTERTAINMENT

We just came across this amazing piece of Twihard fan-dedication: the folks over at Twilight Poison created a font using samples of Robert Pattinson's handwriting.


You can download the font here: Twilight Poison: Rob's Handwriting

-p!n, ca

Soft Summer Movie | FASHION

Soft Clothing has done it again! Jessica Ralli (with music by Oliver Ralli) created this lovely movie to show off Soft's new summer styles! Check it out and visit softclothing.net.


Pee-Wee Herman Show comes to Broadway | ENTERTAINMENT

For your Friday Afternoon Fix:

The Pee-Wee Herman Show is heading to broadway! The show has already garnered a seriously positive response in Los Angeles during it's 6-month run. Onward and upward…
Based on the Saturday morning television show that became a cultural phenomenon, The Pee-wee Herman Show reunites the one-and-only Pee-wee Herman (Paul Reubens) with many of the original Playhouse cast of characters - including Miss Yvonne, Cowboy Curtis, Pterri the Pterodactyl, Jambi the Genie, and Chairry - for an all new celebration of sophisticated silliness. An eye-popping 90 minutes of subversive humor and childlike wonder, The Pee-wee Herman Show charts a day in the life of our bow-tied hero, one of the most inspired comic personas of our time.
via broadwayworld.com
A nice piece of retro nostalgia come to life. Looking forward.

Google Celebrates PacMan's Birthday | POP CULTURE / TECH

Google has made us so happy today with their playable PacMan game in celebration of our iconic yellow friend's birthday.  Insert the coin and go for it with your arrow keys!  Google - you rock.


Photo Prints Go Poolside | FASHION

We Are Handsome: The Africa Swimsuit - Lion at Opening Ceremony

I've been craving the perfect photo print item ever since I missed out on Christopher Kane's Crocodile Dress at Top Shop (I also missed out on his fantastic Gorilla Dress, but that was because I don't have $1k to drop on a dress printed with a photo of a gorilla's mouth).  Luckily for me, photo prints are now popping up on bathing suits and I can finally channel my inner Christopher Kane poolside.  

The inspiration: 
Christopher Kane Spring 2009 runway show - rawr

Christopher Kane for Top Shop, Fall 2009

Photo print madness!  Grab your sunglasses:
We Are Handsome: The Arabia Swimsuit - Horse at Opening Ceremony
Vintage Tiger bathing suit at Etsy (MEOW is right!)

Twilight Flight one piece at Mod Cloth


Going The Distance | MOVIES

<a href="http://video.msn.com/?mkt=en-us&from=sp&fg=MsnEntertainment_MoviesTrailersGP2_a&vid=d60f3cf8-2176-4b2b-b797-de1384117257" target="_new" title="Exclusive: 'Going the Distance' Trailer">Video: Exclusive: 'Going the Distance' Trailer</a>

I absolutely can't wait to have a girls movie theater outing to see Drew Barrymore's new flick, Going the Distance. I have loved her for decades and "I'm a Mac" Justin Long looks like he's great in this too. DREW FOREVAZ!

Earlier: Drew Barrymore 90's Style | FASHION



BushwickBK Weekly Culture Picks | EVENTS

This week there are more events happening than I think I've ever seen in my time as Culture Editor for BushwickBK. Of course there are the standard issue awesome rock shows (at venues like Silent Barn), fabulous art openings (STOREFRONT, Centotto and Sugar) and cutting edge theater (The Bushwick Starr). Additionally this week there are gems like a giant party celebrating 3rd Ward's 4th Anniversary, Socktelling (an adult sock puppet story hour with drinks), and a big benefit / art sale for Arts in Bushwick's 2010 Bushwick Open Studios!

Check it out!
Weekly Culture Picks on BushwickBK.com.

Sexy Guys by Generation, (Zandl weighs in) | POP CULTURE

Earlier this month, we lent our thoughts on heartthrobs by generation to MSN's new woman's lifestyle site, 'Glo'. The slideshow article follows the history of swoon-worthy guys through the ages -- from the Baby Boomers (Paul Newman & Clint Eastwood) to Gen X, Gen Y and through today's Tweens (think Bieber Fever). Some fun eye/brain candy for all you Zandland readers looking for something light & easy to bring to a late afternoon water cooler chat.
You've Got Male: Heartthrobs by Generation
Over the years, we've all drooled over our share of hunky male stars, who've made their way into our hearts via their silver-screen performances, sexy guitar-strumming, sweet dance moves and overall charm. But who's the most swoon-worthy of them all? Take a trip down eye candy lane.

View Slideshow


Top Ten Food Trends That I Want No Part Of | EATS + DRINKS / TRENDS

Back in December Paige and I pulled together our top ten food trends of 2009.  From kale and spicy cocktails to urban farming and Food.0, I have to say that I was on board with the entire list.  Today I started thinking about new food trends and realized that there are a lot of things turning me off in 2010.  So, without further ado, I present you with my top ten food trends that I want no part of.

1) Bones/ Marrow
Photo: Starchefs (via tastingtable.com)

I have been seeing bones all over the place, from marrow appetizers to the above fried bones that we spied on Tasting Table.  I'm pretty sure I'd only be able to get over my aversion to bones and marrow if I was at Gordan Matta-Clark's 1970's restaurant, Food, but unfortunately that will never happen for me.  He had the right idea though:
Artists were also invited weekly to serve as guest chefs, and the whole dinner was considered a performance art piece. One of the most fabled, costing $4, was Matta-Clark’s “bone dinner,” which featured oxtail soup, roasted marrow bones and frogs’ legs, among other bony entrees. After the plates were cleared, the bones were scrubbed and strung together so that diners could wear their leftovers home.
Unless I get to wear them home, I'm not partaking.

2) Goat
Goat seems to be having it's moment despite the fact that we Zandlanders find it to be game-y, tough, and "gross."  I personally am willing to go there if it's in a curry, but overall the office says NO to this new trend in meat.

3) Brains
I recently tried brains at Roberta's in Bushwick.  They were deep fried and after a couple of cocktails, I felt adventurous in the sense that I was willing to try anything deep fried.  Let me save you the trouble of finding this out for yourself:  they tasted like overcooked, slightly bland mac and cheese balls which have been deep fried.  I tried two of them, so I can safely say these are Not For Me.

4) Bacon-Infused Cocktails (Gone Wrong)
Mmmmmmmmm bacon..... let me preface this with the fact that I LOVE BACON.  I love it.  I am constantly adding bacon when I cook, because in my opinion, bacon makes everything better.  Well, ALMOST everything.  I decided to try a bacon-infused bourbon drink recently at Northeast Kingdom.  I hate calling them out on this, but what I was served was a Bacon-Infused Cocktail Gone Wrong.  It was oily/ fatty and literally tasted like ham.  I'm assuming the whole bacon-infused spirits craze is due to the smoky richness of bacon, which was not present in this cocktail.  I will never find out though, because I've decided that when it comes to cocktails, I'm a vegetarian.

5)  Cupcake Overload
This isn't anything new (cupcakes have been going strong since Carrie Bradshaw bit into a Magnolia cupcake back in 2000), but I want to publicly declare that things have gone too far.  I present to you Butch Bakery, whose motto is "when butch meets buttercream" ------ stop it.

6) The KFC Double Down
Disgusting? Yes.  Shocking?  Kind of.  Not really, if you have any memories of gimmicky fast food monstrosities of yore.  Does anyone else remember the Hardee's Monster Thickburger, the 1,420 calorie burger of 2004?

7) Home Brewing Kombucha
I file this one under "ok for you to do, but not for me due to the fact that I am scared I will accidentally poison myself and my loved ones."  See that picture above?  That's a kombucha "mother," who will then grow/ ferment/ do something and make kombucha.  I have to admit that I'm not quite clear on the process and am totally open to drinking other people's home-brewed kombucha, as long as they're not going to poison me.  For readers who are not appalled at the idea of doing this in their home, here's a how-to.

8) Pies vs. Cakes Debate
This debate is ridiculous due to the fact that both pies and cakes are delicious and I refuse to choose.

9) Branded "Moonshine"
When I read recently that a new distillery in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, is going to start producing moonshine, I was appalled.  As anyone who grew up in the South can attest, moonshine tastes awful.  I liken the appeal to the proliferation of absinthe over the last couple of years - for a long time it was hard to get and has an aura of danger.  However, absinthe is tasty and has a fun ritual attached to it.  If you want a moonshine-type experience, chug some Everclear and call me in the morning.

10) Urban Beekeeping
I'm down with urban farming, but in my humble opinion, urban beekeeping is an absurd fad.  While I'm all for saving the bees, I'm not convinced the undertaking should be attempted in Brooklyn.  Everything you need to know about beekeeping in Bushwick is in this video.  They aren't wearing protective gear and at 3:10 an urban beekeeper says "Man down... one got stuck in my rat tail and stung me."

Earlier - Best Of: Top Ten Food + Beverage Trends of 2009  |  Zandland



Barney's Co-op, Brooklyn: More High-End Retailers to Follow | BUSINESS

Interesting reading in today's NY Times on Brooklyn, as host to mainstream high-end retailers, focusing on the plan to open a Barney's Co-op in the already bustling Atlantic Avenue in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. The last few years have seen an influx of mainstream retailers making their way to the area such as Trader Joe's, Urban Outfitters and American Apparel. And just a short(ish) walk to the East is the busy Atlantic Center (featuring Target) and just a short shuttle away to the South, in Red Hook, Brooklyn saw the opening of NYC's first IKEA a couple years back.

With (slightly) lower rents, more space and a huge population of consumers, businesses are increasingly acknowledging Brooklyn as an excellent place for opportunity. For several years now, Brooklyn has been an incubator of trend-forward food culture, as restaurants have been able to dive into the NYC scene without struggling to break even, cutting pricey Manhattan rent checks. Some of our favorite spots like Motorino kicked off their stuff in the borough and, after finding big success, expanded into the East Village.  Meanwhile, the new Barney's location is just a hop away from the already popular Smith Street in Carroll Gardens, a popular stretch of restaurants, bars and boutiques.

(Martha Stewart stopped by Brooklyn Bowl in Williamsburg last weekend to show some pins who's boss. Image via Brooklyn Vegan)

Brooklyn's also seen a surge in mainstream entertainment options, with music venues like Bell House and Music Hall of Williamsburg now supporting major acts. Even Martha Stewart blogged about her trip last weekend to Brooklyn Bowl, the bowling alley, bar & restaurant and live music venue. The famed Knitting Factory also switched out their Tribeca address to Metropolitan Ave. in Williamsburg. Tourists are increasingly eager to make the trek over to the borough for shopping, food and culture…Foot traffic on Bedford Ave. in Williamsburg on a sunny Saturday or Sunday afternoon almost rivals that of Soho! And finally, mainstream, big name retailers are catching onto the trend.

While Barney's Co-op is a bit higher-end than most retailers in the borough, it's likely a perfect fit -- hitting up the relatively wealthy residential demo of Cobble Hill and the surrounding areas of Carroll Gardens, Dumbo and Brooklyn Heights. Many local residents are already in their client pool, and as more high-end retailers follow in their footsteps, Barney's will have planted itself strong roots early on, smack dab in the middle of a rising major NYC retail destination.

(Top: Brooklyn Map via Kongisms)

-jmd, iz

VH1 Latin America / Young & Rubicam steer to the weird with new campaign | ADS / BRANDING

Young & Rubicam New York teamed up with director Bryan Buckley on this bizarre VH1 Latin America commercial...We're confused.

Check out behind the scenes with Y&R and VH1 at Adweek

via AdFreak.com



The Changing American Family | ON MY MIND

In the newest 'On My Mind,' Irma Zandl covers a recent Zandl Group research study, focusing on our learnings and insights about the changing nature of the family. Also check out the full report (below).


New M.I.A., 'XXXO' making big waves | NEW MUSIC / FREE MUSIC

(image via Pitchfork)
Loving the new M.I.A., 'XXXO'.  After the rather shocking, violent, and totally un-fun music video she released to her last single, 'Born Free' just a few weeks ago, we're relieved to hear this easy and much lighter dance track.  xoxo.

Download for FREE at The Smoking Section or on iTunes.


Cloud Browse brings Flash to iPhone/iPad | APP OF THE WEEK

We are super excited about the new app, Cloud Browse, by AlwaysOn Technologies, which gives iPhones, iPod Touch and iPads long-awaited access to web-based Flash!! Despite continued feuding between Apple and Adobe, Cloud Browse opens a VPN, mirroring back web activity to the Apple products from a remote Firefox desktop browser. So, it's a bit slower, and a little less secure (don't go wielding around your bank accounts and passwords through the app), but for mad decent access to sites, ads, banners and navigation natively incompatible with Apple, we give this app two huge thumbs up!! Oh, and it's totally free!



Why I Am Completely Over Lady Gaga | POP CULTURE

Longtime Zandland readers might remember that I used to compulsively post about Lady Gaga.  From her epic videos (Paparazzi and Bad Romance are my faves) to her hilariously wacked out fashion sense (remember the kermit jacket??), she really seemed to get it.  By "get it" I mean that she is a member of the rare breed of self-aware pop stars who understand and are in complete control of their own image.  Not only did she get it, but she was having fun.  The giant weave-hair-bow??  FUN.  Mickey Mouse sunglasses?  Awesome and Fun.  No pants?  No problem!!  Alexander McQueen head to toe, razor blade sunglasses, white latex??  I was giddy in love with the Ga.  She managed to pull from so many parts of pop culture with ease, while making a sly critique on our current fascination with over-the-top celebrities.

Then she started losing me. 

It began with the Telephone video.  Yes, yes, you could argue that it's a critique on our obsession with consumerism (Miracle Whip, Polaroid, etc), it contains references to pop culture gems like Quentin Tarantino, and she is wearing another pair of epic sunglasses (cigarettes this time - why are her eyewear choices about addiction?).  You could argue those points, but here's the bottom line:  that video made absolutely no sense.  It didn't go with the song at all.  Not only that, but in my personal opinion the product placement was tacky and badly done.  Plus the dang thing was TEN MINUTES LONG, which I consider self indulgent for any video that isn't as genius as Thriller.

Nevertheless, where she officially lost me was with her increasingly annoying fashion choices.  Gone is the fun and playful Gaga I loved.  She is now a sad parody of herself, trying daily to one-up her get-up from the day before in an attempt to be avant-garde.  Basically, she now looks like she put on her sad face and rolled around the MoMA store like a Katamari ball, picking up random crap as she goes.  I present exhibits A, B, C, and D:

Fashion or horrific skin disease?

Beer can rollers :(  I'm so tired of "ironic" fashion - are you??

Honey, you are going to break your neck.

AND finally, the photo that set off this rant:
ok where to start:
-She is wearing what appears to be a mediocre Halloween costume
-Gray-fashion-hair done wrong (Tavi's got her beat)

Sorry Lady Gaga, I'm over you.



Economic Recovery, Mid-Term Elections, Gulf Oil Spill: Consumer Polling | ON MY MIND

Irma Zandl is back with another round of "On My Mind," talking about the results of a poll we did with our Online Panel of Thought Leaders. The topics she discusses are Economic Recovery, Mid-Term Elections, and the Gulf Oil Spill:

Our report based on the Consumer Polling:

Vosges Customer Appreciation Gone Bad | ON MY MIND

In our second installment of What's on My Mind This Week, Irma Zandl speaks out on customer appreciation gifts gone wrong. We love the chocolates, but what's with the excessive packaging?!

12-Year-Old Covers Paparazzi, Becomes Web Sensation | TRENDS / MUSIC / TWEENS

We saw this video the other day, and were absolutely impressed by 12-year-old Greyson's version of Lady GaGa's Paparazzi. Turns out, we weren't the only ones. This video of his has already received over 8 million views on his YouTube Channel, and he's already appeared on Ellen, receiving a special call from "Miss GaGa" herself.

With all this attention, we expect to see much more of Greyson in the future. Watch out, Bieber!


Rum, Glee and Street Art! | ON MY MIND

We are so thrilled to debut our newest online feature: What’s On My Mind This Week, a video segment featuring members of the Zandl Group speaking their minds on everything from current events and the economy to restaurants and nightlife to entertainment and fashion! We’re kicking off our new segment with a great piece by Irma Zandl, where she speaks her mind on the new rum movement, Fox’s Glee and the state of street art. Enjoy and check back often for more of what’s on our minds!


Bushwick's DIY Art Scene | ART

Ellen Letcher & Kevin Regan at Famous Accountants. Photo by Crystal Gywn.

We've been cheering about our great DIY art scene in Bushwick forever now and we love it when our folks get some media recognition!

As part of their DIY Brooklyn issue, The L Magazine recently profiled several Bushwick Art spaces including Famous Accountants, English Kills, Norte Maar, STOREFRONT, Sugar, Pocket Utopia and Parlour.

"Against the Chelsea Scene: A DIY Art Scene Grows in Brooklyn" is a great picture of the spirit and community behind Bushwick's spaces. To quote the article, "DIY is self-reliance," (Chris)Harding (director of English Kills) muses via email, "and that will always be an advantage."

Congrats, Bushwickers! Onward and Upward.


Babyland: Columbia University Film Festival's Best Film! | ENTERTAINMENT

We want to congratulate Zandland friend and genius auteur Marc Fratello on the success of his most recent short film Babyland at the 2010 Columbia Film Festival! Babyland won Focus Features Best Film, Student Choice Best Film, and an Audience Favorite Award.

There will certainly be more awards to come and we'll be following Babyland's progress on the festival circuit as well as Marc's stellar career!

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