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I absolutely love winter, and was already ready for summer to be over, but the release of Levi’s new Curve ID line has me crossing my fingers even harder, hoping for it to be cold enough for jeans soon.

Zandl panelists already love Levi's, and it’s fair to guess that this new line will only increase buzz surrounding the brand. The three different fits are slight curve, demi curve, and bold curve; Levi’s states that 80% of women worldwide will fit into one of the three categories. Levi’s did extensive research for this line, and came up with some (not entirely surprising) stats:
• More than half of women (54 percent) try on at least 10 pairs of jeans to find one pair they would buy.
• Most women (87 percent) wish they could find jeans that fit better than the ones they own.
• Most women (67 percent) believe that jeans are designed for women with "ideal" figures.
• Very few women (28 percent) believe that jeans are designed to fit their bodies.

(via Levi's Press Release)

I have high hopes for Curve ID; the minute that the mercury dips into the 60s you’ll find me at a Levi’s store with a fit expert at my side, and a grin on my face.



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