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Oprah was making big headlines this week, between her interview with Sarah Palin and Winfrey's announcement of the 2011 end of her talk show's run. Meanwhile, lost in the media shuffle, Tuesday's episode was devoted to the porn industry and welcomed adult film megastar Jenna Jameson as a guest, for what turned out to be a truly engaging discussion about the industry (rewards and drawbacks), and some incredible insight into Jameson's go-getter attitude and strong-willed business-first mindset. I was incredibly impressed with her poise, honest confidence and ability to command respect from both Oprah and the viewers, despite her choice of occupation. Her entrepreneurial spirit and drive as a businesswoman (in an industry traditionally lacking in female power-players on the business side) is truly honor-worthy.

All that said, she can really do without the extensive botox, plumped out lips and cheeks, obscenely long hair extensions and orange-airbrushed face...c'mon Jenna...there's simply no need for that.

We caught Zombie Strippers a couple years back, Jameson's parlay into non-adult film roles...and we (not so secretly) loved it! Check out our recap/review:
FILM - Zombie Strippers



Jerry 4:03 PM  

So, what's the difference between porn and prostitution?


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