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Today Gawker posted their list of Seven Halloween Costumes to Avoid, which in classic Gawker fashion is totally snarky to the point of killing a good time. Come on guys, what's wrong with Max from Where The Wild Things are? The movie just came out last week. Too cool for school much?

We decided to think about our Top 10 ideas for Halloween 2009. People's wallets are still tight due to the recession, so we predict a huge surge in DIY costumes (which in our opinions are more fun and creative anyhow).

The second costume trend we see is collaborative group costumes. Storming a party with an entourage of friends dressed in theme is attention-getting and elevates any costume idea - even ones that Gawker snarks. So with that said, here's Zandland's Top 10 for 2009!

1. Gawker says "No Summer of Death Celebrities." We say group costume it!! One Patrick Swayze might be lame, but what about ALL the Patrick Swayzes. Roadhouse Patrick Swayze, Point Break Patrick Swayze, Ghost Patrick Swayze, Dirty Dancing Patrick Swayze, Donnie Darko Patrick Swayze, To Wong Foo Patrick Swayze...

2. Group costume: Kanye, Taylor Swift, Beyonce. Kanye's gotta stay in character. If he doesn't have at least one drink poured on him during the course of the night, it's a fail.

3. Group costume: Real Housewives of New Jersey. Actually, any Real Housewives cast would work and we think it would be amazing to have an Atlanta/ New Jersey face-off. You need a lot of people, but imagine the catfight that could go down with all those fake nails...

4. Duo costume: Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington. As readers know, Irma loves Anna Wintour.

5. Group costume: 30 Rock. Zandland faves: Kenneth and Frank.

6. Gawker says no zombies or vampires. Come ON, these are Halloween staples. Why don't you just nix Santa at Christmas? We say, SPARKLY VAMPIRES.

For that tasty, sparkly look, check out Urban Decay's Flavored Body Powder in Marshmallow.  It not only sparkles like Edward Cullen, but also gives the 'Twihards' something to nibble on.

7. Full disclosure - this is my costume. I love Lady Gaga. This one is pretty easy to pull off... you don't even need to wear pants.

(Note: we posted last May on a Lady Gaga YouTube beauty/makeup tutorial... BEAUTY - Get that poker face! - over 8 MILLION hits since May!!)

8. Best store bought costume idea:

Ok hear me out here. Everyone keeps making fun of Sexy Bee. BUT! What about Swarm of Sexy Bees?? I think you need at least eight to really get the full effect.

9. Best Halloween accessory of 2009:

From Sarah Palin to makeshift Elivra, Bumpits will be key in pulling off a variety of DIY Halloween looks this year.  Bumpit enthusiasts should check out BumpitSightings.com for further inspiration.  This as-seen-on-tv product has been a big hit with our panelists and was featured in our October 2009 Young Adult Trend Tracking Report.

10. Classic ghost in sheet. Awesome.



p!n,  11:30 AM  

this is absolutely brilliant!

p!n,  11:30 AM  

take that, Gawker!

Erika 2:45 PM  

My cousin is a sorority girl at Georgia Tech (mascot - yellowjacket.) They are all going as swarm of sexy bees! So on trend Irma!

I could pull off "Anna Wintour after eating Grace Coddington"

Rita 5:12 PM  

...and Anna Wintour love Irma!

Zandland 9:19 AM  

hmmmmm. looks like gawker decided that our costume idea rebuttal was worthy of an additional post. We're still sticking to our guns on this one. so there!


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