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(Bushwick Gothic: Farm volunteer Anastasia Cole and Roberta’s co-owner Brandon Hoy pose in Jeremy's back yard. — Photos by Anastasia Cole)

Jeremy at BushwickBK did a fabulous post on Urban Farming through a very personal lens. Roberta's restaurant set up a gorgeous farm in his backyard and he reaped some of the delicious proceeds as well as some great perspectives on backyard farming.

The most striking part of this for me — and especially those who know me — is that I am now part of a movement I still kind of scoff at. Normally these sorts of “intentional” things seem artificial and overwrought. I supremely loathe the idea of CSAs and food co-ops — a store does all this for me, thanks, I don’t need to buy shares or worse, waste hours of my life mopping grocery store floors just for the privilege of purchasing organic green beans from New Jersey. I did that in high school. But on the other hand, it seems perfectly natural that if home farming is reintroduced into our culture in this time not long after it disappeared, we should re-embrace this practice. Yes, yes, it’s great for the environment and is rewarding and healthy, but it’s also damn cheap. Apartment dwellers can at least grow tomatoes and peppers on their windowsills.
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