BIRTHDAYS - Courtney Love is 45

It's pretty safe to say that most of us Zandls are huge fans of Courtney Love and Hole at the very least and die hard throw-our-drink-at-you-to-show-you-how-much-we-love-you-style fans at the very...er....best. There may even be a member of America's best* Hole cover band among our ranks. So in honor of Courtney Love's 45th birthday (and the hopes that there really will be a new Hole album) here are some pics and vids from Our Goddess of Grunge, the Dirtiest Blonde We Know, Courtney Michelle Harrison Love Cobain....

Here's a great gallery of photos from 1990-1995, which includes some gems like:



And check out some more galleries here and here

Here's the infamous 1995 MTV Video Music Awards "situation" between Madonna & Courtney (and Kurt Loder!!! <3):

Here she is "doing one of those Specter songs. It was written by Carole King so you have to think...."

1999 at the Electric Factory in Philadelphia playing Miss World with some audience-participation:

Or maybe you prefer the sparkly California Courtney:

Or this song, which I really hope goes on the new Hole album (yeah yeah I know whenever that might be).....

Anyway, however you slice it...Happy Birthday, Courtney! This "riot grrrl" is forever in your debt.


*Cakefight! may or may not have earned this title by being the only Hole cover band in America.


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