MUSIC - Radiohead shows off

It's been a month or so since we first heard about Radiohead's real-time 3D plotted music video for their new single, "House Of Cards". If you haven't seen it yet, it really is unique and beautiful. And what else can we expect from these guys?

And the making of:



IN OTHER NEWS - China's Totally Faking It

What's up China?? This week China admitted to a couple fakeries during the Olympic Opening Ceremonies on Friday night. And while it's all rather shocking, it's kind of amazing what a country will do to make things 'perfect'. First off, it came out yesterday that the massive fireworks display was masterfully created in CGI (It even included a 'camera shake' to mimic the effect of filming from a helicopter...The designers even added some haziness to simulate the polluted Beijing skyline.), as people around the world - and at the event themselves - watched in awe, live.

Meanwhile, in related news, it turns out that the young girl who sang "Ode to the Motherland" had actually pulled what we here in America call the "Ashley Simpson". That's right...the voice was that of a different girl, whose mug was deemed "not suitable." The official statement: "The audience will understand that it's in the national interest." Damn! The poor girl was deemed so ugly it was actually detrimental to China!?!

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ART - Meleonn

I've fallen deeply in love with the work of Chinese artist, Maleonn.

Check out more of his work at: www.maleonn.com

TREND - Mowercycle

This DIY Mowercycle has us grinning from ear to ear! heee.

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