IN OTHER NEWS - Twins marry each other accidentally....oops!

Happy Friday!

This is a crazy story and needed to share...

Twins who were separated at birth have married each other, unaware that they were brother and sister.

Marriage of adopted twins fuels fertility row
The couple were never told they were twins

Each had been adopted by a different family, with neither being told they had a twin.
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MUSIC - Seductive Snoop

Snoop Dogg's new video, "Sensual Seduction" has been making waves over the last few weeks. With a lo-fi '70s/'80s porn vibe, Snoop does it up real nice in this brilliant piece of art. Only the likes of good ol' Doggie Dog can pull this off.

PRETTY LIL THINGS - Art of Brian Dettmer

Always keeping our eyes out on things that make us go, 'hmmmm'. And Brian Dettmer's "Book Autopsies" do just that. His book sculptures are accessible and inventive and have me saying to myself, "I wish I thought of that!". The result of Dettmer's intricate cutting work and careful precision are simply astonishing.

Brian Dettmer at Haydee Rovirosa Gallery


MUSIC - Goldfrapp makes pretty music

Got a sneak listen to the new Goldfrapp album, Seventh Tree (coming out Feb) and it is stunning.... While the album is a shockingly mellow departure from Goldfrapp's more recent signature heavy-pounding beats, the new album showcases a soft, eloquent, flowery and feminine vulnerability with refreshing exuberance, a sequel of sorts to Felt Mountain, Their debut album. What do I mean by that? Give the new single, "A&E" (on Myspace) a listen and I think you'll catch my drift.

Ms. Allison Goldfrapp certainly displays her signature raspy/operatic vocal tones in brilliant form, while incorporating an eccentric flavor mix channelling the spirits of Cocteau Twins and Kate Bush. The accompanying instrumentals (mainly acoustic - a step away from electro synths, etc.), maintain a rhythm and genius that could only be that of Goldfrapp.

Big love.



PRESS - Zandl on NPR

Happy new year! We're back in full swing and promise to keep you all up to date on what's been on our radar! As we organize our stacks, and finish up some '08 cleaning, here's a little something for your listening pleasure...

Irma Zandl, principal of The Zandl Group was a featured guest on last night's Pop Culture segment of Talk of the Nation on NPR. Click here to listen.