TECH - Google Continues Quest for World Dominance

After losing a Facebook investment deal last week to Microsoft, Google and it's alliance of partners have announced Thursday's launch of 'Open Social', a standardized open source platform in which software developers can write cross-network programs...

Basic jist: Google making it easier for software developers to have their programs, games, etc. to reach a more expansive people through more sites.

Facebook grew exponentially after they opened up their site as a platform for outside developers to spread their work. Google (and it's alliance) is expanding that capability to a wide array of sites.

From the Ning (a partner in Open Social) blog:
"With the Facebook platform, only Facebook itself can be a "container" -- "apps" can only run within Facebook itself. In contrast, with Open Social, any social network can be an Open Social container and allow Open Social apps to run within it."
Read the full blog here... very interesting.

We'll see how this pans out and what it'll mean for Facebook.

NY Times



In a surprising new study, scientists have 're-wired' worms into switching sexual orientation. Scientists believe this could shed light on the more complex animal kingdom, an interesting new development in the nature/nurture argument. More to come on this we're sure!
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SCIENCE - Brain Games

Really fun exercise. How do you see it? Is the girl turning clockwise or counter-clockwise? Go ahead, drive yourself crazy for hours!

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British musician and artist M.I.A. is shaking up dance floors everywhere with her Sri Lankan infused electro-hip hop beats and sounds. We've had our eye on this one for a few years now, and her new album, "Kala" has certainly exceeded our expectations. We're just kind of obsessed.

Currently listening to, "Paper Planes".

Check out the latest video single, "Jimmy":


FOOD - Arizona Eats

Known more for its desert terrain, arid climates and variety of golf courses, the Phoenix/ Scottsdale area is hardly synonymous with fine dining amongst foodies. Much to our surprise and superceding any expectations we had of the area, there are plenty of restaurants that are on par with upscale eateries across the country and we had a few exciting gastronomic adventures.

The culinary trifecta of Sea Saw, Cowboy Ciao and Kazimierz along Stetson Drive in Downtown Scottsdale all share a wine cellar boasting literally thousands of wines.

Each location is distinctively different with Sea Saw being the real standout of the three. Chef Nobu Fukuda serves up Japanese style tapas with his Hamachi (sliced yellow tail served overtop grapefruit and avocado with a ponzu sauce) and Tako and tomato (grilled octopus, homemade mozzarella, assorted organic tomatoes and wasabi aioli) being the most impressive. The atmosphere is reminiscent of some of our favorite New York, Chicago and LA restaurants with minimal d├ęcor, attention to detail, clean lines and an open kitchen.

Cowboy Ciao is a lively atmosphere with creative twists on modern American cuisine and vibe that plays on puns and meat lovers’ dishes—the Puerco Lento was a favorite (pork shank slow cooked with cumin, chipotle, paprika and Mexican oregano) along with the Exotic Mushroom Panfry (signature dish of the house—cremini, button and oyster mushrooms in ancho cream over double cooked polenta with grilled portabellini, avocado, tomato and cotija cheese). Don’t forget to try the bacon and chocolate chip cookie. It will totally surprise you.

Kazimierz is an extremely dark, cozy and almost hidden wine bar next to Sea Saw that is only recommended if you have a date with someone you don’t want to see in lighter spaces. The service here was also questionable—so hopefully your date, at the least, can carry an interesting conversation.

For Phoenix/Scottsdale locals, these places are a must visit and for those traveling through the area, we highly recommend you check them out.


TV - Gossip Girl

Cheers to the CW on new show, "Gossip Girl", filling the television void of high impact teenage soap drama. Show comes equipped with brilliantly bitchy rich girls and enough ulterior motives to kill an entire class of high school freshman.

If you haven't checked it out yet, watch the latest episode (October 17)...It pretty much sealed the deal for us.

(oh, and for all you Veronica Mars fans, Kristen Bell narrates)

Gossip Girl at the CW



MUSIC - Radiohead making fans happy

In an interesting twist of the norm, Radiohead is offering their upcoming album, "In Rainbows," for a very negotiable fee. While the physical album drop date isn't until December, the band is offering 'name-your-price' digital downloads starting next week (Oct 10) via their website, Radiohead.com. Radiohead is one of the few artists to not have distribution through itunes.

This round, without record label ties, Radiohead is embracing their fans' tech-saavy skew, understanding that the vast majority of their fanbase can swindle free digital copies of their album pretty easily. In this bold move, Radiohead is asking for mutual respect with their listeners. While this strategy certainly wouldn't work for everyone, Radiohead fans in particular are passionate listeners, and are more than likely willing to show their support by chipping in what it's really worth to them, and not just copying it from their friends, or even simply throwing down a penny for the new tracks.

Washington Post