WEB - MS Paint Rocks!

Hysterical mock info-promotion for MS Paint:

Thanks, Robbie!


TECH - Limewire Switching Gears

Limewire, one of the most widely used P2P programs (for illegal music, video and application downloads) announced plans to go legit. Well sort of... While the application will remain as-is (for now), Limewire plans to set up a website for DRM-free MP3 downloads. No details yet on pricing. Limewire has long been a big time enemy to the music industry. It will certainly be interesting to see how this plays out.
PC World


TECH - Fergie’s Never Looked So Good!

We’ve been loving the circuit bending for a few months now (type in “circuit bending” on YouTube for hours of entertainment) – but this is just too much. Take one part Chuck E Cheese retro nostalgia + one part Fergalicious and mix with a heavy dose of tech-savvy smarts and you get this. It’s possibly one of the most amazing things we’ve seen all week. Thanks to John for sending it our way!!!

[via MusicThing]