EVENTS/TECH - iPhone brings out the crazies

We just took a peek around the corner at the Soho Apple Store to see what was going on in anticipation of the 6:00 release...

Above: Line is marked in red.

Above: People were selling their spots in line...Click above to enlarge

Above: The folks at the very front of the line. Wha?? Click above to enlarge (you really should)

Above: They built some sort of shelter for their wait...



TECH - Holding our breath...

So, tomorrow marks the release of the iPhone. Apple's latest product has seen more praise in recent weeks than it has criticism, but we're still a little skeptical about the first generation of the 'wonderphone'. AT&T's notably slow mobile internet (EDGE network) is at the center of many critical discussions about the phone's capabilities and drawbacks. ZD NET further offers 11 reasons NOT to buy the iPhone:

1. While iPhone will work with any SIM card from exclusive iPhone carrier AT&T Wireless No other carrier’s SIM phone will work with iPhone.
2. If you are wearing gloves, the iPhone’s virtual keypad won’t work. That’s a concern for wintertime phone calls in cold areas.
3. No memos.
4. No voice dialing.
5. No voice recording.
6. No games.
7. No capacity for video output to a tv (as iPod has).
8. No capacity for over-the-air calendar appointments.
9. No capacity for over-the-air software updates.
10. No IM. Gotta use text messaging.
11. No flash or zoom in the camera.

Truthfully, though, people don't really seem to care about the phone's faults. One thing is for sure...I'm certainly thankful that I'm not working at an Apple Store tomorrow.

TECH - Microsoft Table Display




RANT - Why does Palm hate me?

So, I bought a Palm Treo 700p in October '06. A few weeks later, it started getting pretty buggy, and eventually froze up for good. I went to the Verizon store, and they replaced the phone with another Treo 700p. Only days later, the phone went into permanent reboot mode, and once again I marched on down to Verizon and they replaced my phone. "For sure, this one will work," I told myself. Then the problems started up again. Constant freezing, Bluetooth doesn't work, when there's no available service the phone freezes up so I can't even look at my pics or contacts, etc. etc....the list is pretty long actually. I was taking the battery out of the phone to force restart at least three times a day. But, I guess I remained hopeful that it would be resolved. I went to Palm's official blog, and there was word of a pending update to the software that would fix up all of the issues I was having. Turns out, I'm one of many Palm users suffering from the faulty model. So, I decided to wait it out, as they'd have to fix it... I mean, via a quick Google search, I found the sob stories of thousands of unhappy Treo users...

Months go by and the update keeps getting pushed back further and further...

The last official update was supposed to be this past Memorial Day week. No such luck. The following week, Palm finally released an update for the phone, but only for Sprint customers, leaving some very unhappy Verizon users in the dust. However, days later, Palm pulled the Sprint update as it was causing more crashing and rebooting than before.

All along, Verizon has told me that the issue is with my phone, and not the actual model. I went to the store only to find out that I'm only eligible for a replacement refurbished Palm Treo 700p! So, I did it, I told them to send it on over to me and see what happens....

My fourth phone has the same general problems: heavy freezing, crashing, errors, lag....Verizon told me that a fifth phone might just do the trick! I'm thinking that switching to AT&T and getting the iPhone sounds like a better bet!

Just burns me up.

The Official Palm Blog

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