EVENTS - Roller Derby Shorts

We headed out to Brooklyn last night to catch the Roller Derby Shorts Program at BAM Rose Cinemas. We’re always game to check out footage of the Gotham Girls (our fave sports stars) & we were blown away by the retro roller skating films.

The ladies were on hand to cheer the preview of Joshua Thompson’s upcoming GGRD documentary “Beatdown in the Boogiedown,” and we fell in love with clips of “Roller Boogie” – a 1979 roller skating/dance extravaganza that we have got to get our hands on.

Can’t wait for the 2007 season!
Gotham Girls



TV - Television for women RULZ!

Again, major props to Television for Women for another amazing comedy program. Oprah fueled Oxygen Network's (Oh!), "Campus Ladies,"executively produced by "Curb Your Enthusiasm's'" Cheryl Hines, follows the trial and tribulations of former housewives turned college freshmen, Joan & Barri—middle aged BFFs.They endure the keggers and social ills of college dorm life and provide amazing comic relief. This show is not to be missed and includes cameos by Jason Alexander, Jeff Garland, Chelsea Handler and assorted Christopher Guest film regulars.

Campus Ladies


TECH - Walmart tries to do video downloading

So, Walmart is sinking their teeth into the world of video downloading. Big launch this week...I went to check it out, see what all the 'buzz' was about...and um...well...on Firefox there seems to be a bit of an issue...I took a screenshot (below). What's up with that? If you wanna play in the big leagues, you gotta bring your game. Good one, Walmart!

Click for larger image

Walmart Video Downloads